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Nick Clegg Meets… Luton
24 July, 2009, 1:00 pm
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Nick Clegg Meets… Luton

24th July 2009, Public Meeting

Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats met Luton residents for the latest of his Nick Meets… public meeting tour of the UK. Taking any questions from an open-invitation audience.

The questions from the event ranged from the closure of post offices, through to social networking. Clips of the questions as well as a podcast of the full event (audio) can be found below.

Audio of the Event

Nick Clegg Meets Luton 1:18:07 – 56.6mb (Here)

Photos of the Event

Video of Answers

The questions:

  1. UK Manufacturing (Video)
  2. Post Office Privatisation (Video)
  3. Copenhagen & Climate Change (Video)
  4. Proportional Representation (Video)
  5. Social Mobility, Universities & Tuition Fees (Video)
  6. Why vote Liberal Democrat?
  7. How do the Liberal Democrats differ from other parties?
  8. Cuts & the Liberal Democrats (Video – All 3 questions above)
  9. Social Networking and campaigning (Video)
  10. MP’s salaries (Video)
  11. The FSA and bankers (Video)
  12. Europe and Anti-Europeans (Video)
  13. Apprenticeships (Video)
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