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The New Generation
1 July, 2009, 4:13 pm
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Nick Clegg and Vince Cable Launch New Generation Group
1st July 2009

Yesterday evening Nick Clegg, Leader of the Liberal Democrats and Vince Cable, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Democrats launched the New Generation Group, which has been set up to support talented party members from black and minority ethnic backgrounds.

Nick Clegg and Vince Cable were joined by Liberal Democrat MPs and peers and saw speeches from Meral Ece, Chair of Ethinic Minority Liberal Democrats and leading New Generation Liberal Democrat members and candidates including Meekal Hashmi, Merlene Emerson, Samantha Syrus-Wright and Lester Holloway.

Speaking at the event, Nick said “As the only real progressive force in British politics we are facing a huge opportunity to overtake Labour. The hopes that were raised in 1997 have been dashed and now it’s us who carries the torch of progressive politics. Just look at the last few months – on Gurkhas, political reform, the Iraq inquiry, honesty on the economy.

Across our whole party – from here in Parliament out to our campaigners on the streets – we are championing the future, on education, the environment, social mobility.

But in order for the Liberal Democrats to meet the challenges ahead it is not enough for us to simply stand for tolerance and diversity. We must embody it. We as a party must give a voice to communities across the country, representing and reflecting modern Britain.

The time for apologies from political parties for not being diverse enough is over. We need to get out there and show all of Britain’s communities that we are now the way forward. That’s something we take extraordinarily seriously, as do Liberal Democrat parliamentarians and peers, but we cannot do it without the people in this room – our ambassadors.”

Simon Woolley, founder of Operation Black Vote, spoke to the group and hailed the candidates as the ‘Obama generation of politicians’. He also stressed that a breakthrough in diversity was desperately needed in the House of Commons at the next general election.

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